Twitter for Android Update Crashing App: Here’s How to Fix It For Now

If you’re using Twitter’s mobile app on Android, you should refrain from updating to the latest version. It seems that the Twitter for Android app is crashing for most users after the recent update, an issue the company has acknowledged. The app is crashing immediately on launching after the update is installed. It’s surprising to see such an issue slipping through the kind of rigorous testing one would expect from a company like Twitter. Twitter for Android version 8.28 is affected by the issue and the company claims it is currently investigating the crash loop bug.

Twitter’s support team tweeted to acknowledge and apologise for the issue. The company suggests that users should not update their Twitter for Android app and wait until the company confirms a fix. In its tweet, Twitter’s support team confirmed that the issue exists on the latest version of Twitter for Android, causing the app to crash immediately on launch

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